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Private Label Inventory Terms of Use

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This is the website of PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD. Using this website means that you accept the following terms and conditions:

The user hereby assures that he / she can legitimately represent him/herself and warrants that he / she has the right to engage in this agreement. In case of user representing a legal entity the user assures that he / she acts for and on behalf of and he / she binds the legal entity. The user also assures that the information that will provide and upload is true and accurate and that he / she is not violating any third party right. Finally, the user assures and guarantees that he / she is at least eighteen (18) years old and that the use of this Site by him / her shall be in accordance with the following Terms of Use.

All information, text, software, audiovisual work, contained in this website is either original work of art or trademarks or other industrial property rights and therefore protected under the provisions of European and International Copyright or Trademark or other Industrial Property Laws. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, modification, or use for commercial purpose without prior written permission of the right holder is not permitted.

PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD takes all appropriate and reasonable measures which are expected in order for the data and information contained in this website to be accurate and reliable. However PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD does not warrant the accuracy, completeness and reliability of these data and information and shall not be liable to users or third parties for any loss due to incorrect or inaccurate data contained in this website.

Furthermore the user that uploads information about its business is solely liable about the accuracy of the information and the content uploaded.

Linking to other web sites through links is made solely for the convenience of users - visitors. PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages of users - visitors, resulting from the use of links to outside websites or by using data and information, contained in any such site.

PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages to users / visitors of the website, which is due to unlawful acts of third parties, the spread of viruses during use of the site or reproducing elements of content or problems that may occur during the use of computers.

PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD reserves the right to modify its website, add, modify any item or information contained therein without notice. It also reserves the right to modify at any time these terms.

Visitors / users of this website must comply with applicable rules and regulations of the Bulgarian, European and International Law. In this context, any damage caused to this site or generally any transactions resulting from incorrect and / or improper use of this site and / or services from its visitors / users, lies exclusively in the latter.

PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD, despite its best efforts to the contrary, does not guarantee that its website www.privatelabelinventory.com and any information and / or service included in this will be provided without interruption and / or errors. Also, does not warrant that the web site and the servers that provide content and services of the website visitors / users will not contain viruses or other harmful components.

PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD records a set of technical data such as IP addresses and types of browser, which our visitors use, however it does not link these data with any information could identify the visitor. This means that the path of a visitor to the website is recorded, but the visitor remains anonymous. These data are recorded for export statistics in terms of overall traffic to our site. This information is used to improve the less popular pages and adding content to the most popular pages.

The personal data collected is used solely for communication and promotion of products and services of PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD. PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD will not communicate the collected personal data to third parties unless ordered by a court or required by law.

Bulgarian law is applicable and only Bulgarian courts are competent for issues arising from the use of this website.



In order to be able to use the automatic translation in 57 languages of Google the user must describe its business using the English language. If a different language is used, the automated translation will not work and the text will remaining in the original language. PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD accepts no responsibility in regards with the automated translation of Google which is provided as a mere translation facilitation for the user.

All payments to PRIVATE LABEL INVENTORY LTD should be made to our bank account or via to your PayPal account / credit card(s).

We keep the right to inform you via e-mail for our future plans or any improvements of our site as well as any cooperation's that may occur through our members or markets

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