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Frequently Asked Questions
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Questions about user registration

You must be a member, in order to add an entry in our site, but you can create a member registration while adding your profile, by just filling the registration fields that you can find in the top form.

You must first login with your user name and password, as shown below:

and then, you have to press the "Add Entry" button. In this case the system doesn't ask for registration and fills in your existing information.


Yes, you can register from the following screen, by pressing "Create an account"

and filling in all the registration fields, as you can see below:


You must inform the site admins which company profile belongs to you, via the "Contact Us" form,  and we will make the link between the user and your entry.

This is how we can connect the entry from our offer period with the member (author).

After the connection has be done, you can edit your profile, if you wish, in order to make any correction(s) to the published information.

Guide about Creating, Changing, Renewing your Company Profile

Yes, but if you do so it will not be possible to be translated in the other 56 languages that we are offering.

If you want the people from all over the world to be able to read your published information, then you should write your profile in English, because this is the main language for a successful translation.

There is a category available exactly for this reason.

You have to choose "Non-Existing Category" from the list of categories, in order to complete your typing, as this field is necessary.

At a later time, when we will be informed about your payment and because you will already have become a member, you will be able to leave a message in the "Contact Us" form.

In that message you can describe your categories and we shall add them in our existing list.

Questions about financials statements and costs

The subscription has two parts:

  1. Basic Subscription with a cost of 150 EUR annually.
  2. Adding a cost for a featured position into the site, depending on the chosen time, you can read here.
    • FrontPage
      • Available Options
        # Days Price in EUR
    • Category
      • Available Options
        # Days Price in EUR

You can pay via a bank deposit. (the bank details can be found either in the payment page or by a payment email you will receive). With this option your company's profile is not published immediately; you will have to wait until your bank informs our site for your payment. You will be informed by email when your entry has been published.

You can pay via Paypal, which is a preferred method in order for your company's profile to be published automatically. By Paypal, your payment process can be achieved with any credit card, or with a Paypal account, if you have one. Please read in more details.

The Private Label Inventory can issue the invoice for the customer that has paid his Company's Subscription.

In order for the invoice to be valid, you should type your invoice details immediately after your subsciption, in your Profile. If you ommit to do so, your entry will become unpublished.

Upon activation of the Company's entry, an email will arrive in your inbox, informing you about the issuance of an invoice included as an attachment in a PDF format.

How about finding the information you are looking for and ways for searching the site efficiently

No faqs found in this category.

Exploring various parts of the site and became an expert

You do not have to become a member, in order to see the "Contact Us" form.

Our members or visitors can feel free to communicate with the site admins, for anything they need.

Private Label Inventory Infos

Private Label Inventory Safety

Private Label Inventory Support

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